Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Quickness drill

Player one (A) stands, feet apart, holding at arms length a ball, directly in front of her.
Player two (B) Starting from a position directly behind F makes rapid side steps on alternate sides to touch the ball
Change after 30 seconds. Repeat 6 times

Friday, October 13, 2006

huddle up and lets talk about reputation or character

Reputation or Character

So offend sports and everyday life can bring the true character out in you. We are just wanting to encourage you to see which is more imporant this world. Is the most imporant to you being your reputation, or is your true character shining through today! Something to think about not only as netball player, but as a person!

Reputation is what you are supposed to be.
Character ist what you are.
Reputation is a photograph.
Character is your face.
Reputation is what you have when you come to a new place.
Character is what you have when you go away.
Reputation is learned in an hour.
Character does not come to light for years.
Reputation is made in a moment.
Character is built in a lifetime.
Reputation grows like a mushroom.
Character grows like an oak.
Reputation is made from a single newspaper report.
Character is built life of toil.
Reputation makes you rich or poor.
Character makes you happy or miserable.
Reputation is what men say about you on your tombstone.
Character ist what the angels say about you around the throne of God.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Netball rebounding drill

Netball rebounding drill

In this netball rebounding drill, you have players pick partners 1 shooter, 1 rebounder. Shooter has 10 shots from under the post. Rebounder defends each shot and collects the rebound. Having changed round, the exercise is then repeated from a little further out.

Key Coaching points:
* Shooter must set up and get balanced before taking the shot.
* Shooter must follow every shot and attempt the rebound against the defence.

Netball rebounding drill

Netball warm up game, warm up drill

Netball warm up game, warm up drill
some call duck and goose, fox and geese, whatever you want to call it.

Description of the netball warm up drill or warm up game:

This netball warm up drill and netball warm up game you need 3 players. All of the first three players, players 1, 2 and 3 all hold the hips of the player in front of them. The defender (opposite player) tries to tag the back of one of the other nominated players (in this case player 3).

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Turning and changing direction

Turning and changing direction
footwork netball drill

The player run into a space. Then on the whistle jump into the air, landing right or left. Turn on first landing foot, point other foot into new space and run into it.
Same can be done with a ball. On the whistle, throw ball in the air, jump, catch, land and pivot.

Coaching key points: Could spread cones or anything ( or old carpet squares ) on ground for the players to run towards and land on.

netball footwork drill

Netball Footwork Drill

Description: 4 players or more. 1 ball.
Blue 1 drives forward to receive the ball from White 1.

Blue 1 lands, turns and feeds to Blue 2, before returning to the back of the blue line.

Blue 2 feeds to White 1 driving on to the ball.

Coaching key notes:

* Have your players or remind them not to rush through this drill.
* Remind them to jump to receive the ball.
* Focus on landing with there knees bent and balanced!

Netball Footwork Drill

Netball court diagram

To go with the blank court diagram, here are a few quick bits.

A Netball court is divided into 3 thirds, with a Goal third at each end & the middle third being called the Centre Third.

The long lines down the side of the court are called the Side Lines, the end lines called the Base Lines & the lines dividing the thirds are called Transverse lines.

The semi-circles at each end are called Goal Circles and is the only area on the court from where a gaol can be scored. There is a post with a ring attached in the middle of the base line at each end and a goal is scored when the ball is shot from the Goal Circle & it passes through the Goal Ring.

In the centre of the court is a circle called appropriately enough, the Centre Circle. From inside the Centre Circle a player starts the game with the ball and passes to someone on their team. this is called the Centre Pass. After a goal is scored, the ball comes back to the Centre Circle for another Centre Pass, with each team taking alternate Centre Passes.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

netball, netball handling drills, and ball control

Here are some basic netball drils. Look at how much fun these girls are having with this great sport of netball. Here are some basic netball handling drills. These drills help you get a good feel for the ball, ball control, and conditioning!

Check out this AWESOME netball video!

Monday, September 11, 2006

netball the game of inches

Netball is a fast pace game where one inch or cm could make the difference in the outcome of the game. An cm or inch here or there, an shot an cm or inch off is missed, a pass an inch off is stolen. This is why the smallest things such as a cm or inch could be the difference of a win or lose for your team.

Your team really needs to focus on doing all the little things taking it cm or inch at a time to success. You've got to make sure you're doing all the little things that can add up and give you a big advantage and help you succeed.

I would like to make this illustration to help paint the picture better for. The carpenter is making a table. Well, if he starts by making just one of the legs of this table a cm or inch shorter or longer. Then that table wabble for the rest of the time! No really likes a wabbling table to eat on! But, because the carpenter was just one cm or inch off from the start now the complete table is defected!

As an offensive player, having the chance to gain a cm or inch with quick moves and quick decisions is a great way to gain yourself a clear advantage over the defense.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

netball coaching tips, coaching ideas to keeping it fresh

Netball coaching tips to keep things fresh, fun, and fantastic times. These are some things that came up with coaching younger netball teams. These are young netball players that sometimes have a hard time focusing and working hard for long period of times. So here are some coaching tips of getting the most of your players.

1. Make training short and sharp - 1 hour max. but they work hard for that
time...and I mean hard!
2. Vary each session so that sometimes ball work is at the end and tactics
at the start etc.
3. Sometimes just organise a practice match or round robin.
4. Sometimes play a game but I find setting very specific goals for 5 min
segments works well. Set a goal, play for 5 mins - 1min only break to assess
and set the next goal - play another 5mins etc. This can keep players really
focused especially if you set a goal that can be kept score.
5. Try to make all drills into a game of some sort so players don't know
they are learning. Some coaches teach totally through games and structure it
so players are discovering things themselves. This can work very well.

Remember if something has worked very well one week it's unlikely to work
well the next.....keep coming up with different ideas. Coaching certainly
is challenging....but rewarding too.

Monday, August 21, 2006

netball defensive drill, netball zone, netball court

Zone Out

Defensive Drill

Resources: 2 thirds of a netball court

Drill description:
Split your players into groups of two. One to attack – one to defend.
Defenders will line up along the middle transverse line between the 2 thirds.
Attackers will line up along the base line, matched up as a pair with 1 defender.
Attackers will run at defenders 2 at a time, from varied positions along the base line. It is up to the coach to select and call on 2 attackers.
The other players will wait to the side of the court until they are called upon.
The Defenders are to Zone the Attackers from getting into the area behind them.
Repeat the steps until all persons have had a turn, and change roles.

Coaching Points:
Ensure contact is monitored from both Attackers and Defenders.
If there are more courts, more players can go at once.
Be careful of too many people working this drill in a small place.

Players can all be Attackers and one person is the Defender. After zoning several people, they join the end of the line of Attackers and someone else becomes the Defender. So on until everyone has had a substantial try at Zoning, perhaps giving the Defenders longer.
This can be utilised around the goal ring between Goal Attacking players and Goal Defending players.
As opposed to a one-on-one scenario, players can adopt a complete zone along the line and take on the Attacking player whom ever is closer at the time.

This drill should help players develop Zoning skills. The focus of having 2 persons moving in the same area helps give more of a game feel. By this it’s more realistic that only having one on one as 2 defenders or more may be zoning in an actual game.
The idea is to get the basic skill perfected and then move on to the full complete zone, where a player will zone another and then if need be stay in their area and zone a different player who may come their way.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The attacking circle - tactics for shooters

The attacking circle - tactics for shooters

a sample session


To create smooth passages of play in and around the goal circle

The warm up

Always be thinking about the movements the players use in a game and design a warm up to assist them to concentrate on the job ahead. For example, jogging up and down the court is certainly increasing their blood flow to assist safe stretching. However, mentally, the activity does nothing at all. Instead, jogging around and over the court with special attention to the player’s particular playing area assists their concentration and preparation for the game.

Design a programme of activities which include:

* jogging with plenty of changes of direction

* jumping, turning and jogging around the goal circles

* jog backward forwards and sideways working in the goal

circle area with focus on the goal post.

* stretch with plenty of arm mobility exercises

* short sprint speed work including over one third, over two thirds for GA’s and plenty of 6 step pace work, e.g. goal line to top of the circle, across the circle etc.

The work out - a sequence of development

Movement skill

Place marker cones in the goal circle about 1 metre apart

Facing down court and using a running step, the shooter makes figures of 8, working around the cones.

Add the other shooter, emphasising the need to keep a balanced circle - exercise in spatial awareness and positioning.

Add a pass from a stationary feeder

Take the cones away try to keep the figure of 8 pattern going as much as possible.

Use chest and bounce passes, varying the distance, height and strength.

Stress the need for forward or diagonal backward movement to take a pass.

Add one player as a defender

The ball starts in the circle, passes out to the moving feeder, who passes to the free player, who shoots for goal with normal defending and rebounding taking place.

Stress the need for eye or ball faking by the feeder before the ball is passed.

Add another feeder (WA,C)

The ball travels from the centre with the pass going to the WA. Both shooters are in the circle moving in a figure of 8 pattern with one defender marking the players.

The ball is passed in and out of the circle three times before a shot is attempted.

Stress the need for cooperative play between the players with good body language and eye contact.

The GA stands out of the circle and could receive the centre pass

As a variation require the ball to be passed to the GA before it enters the shooting circle.

Again nominate the number of times the ball must be passed between the players before a shot is attempted.

Add defenders and build up into a centre pass strategy with options

of pass, in and around the circle.

Monday, April 03, 2006

worker/thrower drill, netball worker/thrower drill



Worker runs to space 1
Worker receives a pass from the Thrower and passes back.
Worker runs to space 2 and repeats until back to starting spot
Worker becomes the Thrower and the next person in the circle becomes the Worker.

*Thrower is to try and pass the ball into the space the worker is running onto.
*Worker is to try and take the pass, not step and give a good pass back to the Thrower.

zone break drill netball

zone break drill

Imagine the star is the defender and the bolt is the attacker.
The object is to have the pair outside the circle STAY outside the circle.
The goalie can then stand at the top of the circle, leaving the area closest to the goal ring empty
Using her/his body, the goalie can set themselves up to receive a chest pass as the defender will be standing behind them zoning OR
Set up for the lob.
For the lob to work the goalie must have herself between the defender and the goal post.
She must hold her ground until the last minute and the pass must be spot on over her head, into the empty space, setting her up for a closer shot
As soon as the lob has been released, the other attacking goalie must run into the circle ready to help.

This all happens very quickly and despite some defenders being switched on, you’d be surprised the number of times I’ve done this as a goalie for the duration of a whole game!

Picture 1 refers to steps 2 – 3.
Picture 2 refers to how the goal circle should be set up and where the pass should be directed – steps 5 – 8.

If we get to step 4 and the only option is to receive a chest pass and still be in the outer of the circle, you need to position your WA and C at the edges of the circle, like the 2 and 5 on a clock. (picture 3). If the person on the circle holds their ground on the edge of the ring, the defenders can only get the ball by committing an offence. Hopefully the umpires are good enough to pick any infringements like contact, off side or obstruction.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

netball New Zealand, International Netball commonwealth crown!

Commonwealth champions!!

26 March 2006

Congratulations to New Zealand, who in a tough and skillfull match beat Australia 60 goals to 55, taking the Commonwealth Crown

In the Earlier nailbiting BRONZE medal match England beat Jamaica, scoring in the last seconds. Final score England 53 v Jamaica 52.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

New Zealand netball, international netball, commonweatlh netball

The New Zealand Silver Ferns secured their spot in the Gold Medal Match of the 2006 Commonwealth Games after a comfortable win over Jamaica in their semi final tonight at the Multi Purpose Venue in Melbourne.

Quarter by Quarter scores for the match:
1st Quarter NZ 18 - Jam 7
2nd Quarter NZ 32 - Jam 17
3rd Quarter NZ 48 - Jam 28
4th Quarter NZ 61 - Jam 41

New Zealand will meet the winner of the Australia v England Semi Final in the Gold Medal Match at 4pm tomorrow afternoon, Sunday 26 March.

Jamaica will play for a bronze medal against the loser of the Australia v England semi final at 2pm Sunday 26 March.

netball international, international netball

Day 8 of Netball, Friday March 24

St Vincent & The Grenadines (52) def. Singapore (46)
South Africa (46) def. Wales (43)
Fiji (69) def. Barbados (45)
Samoa (53) def. Malawi (50)

Netball showdowns

It's down to the Semi Finals of the Games Netball competition, with New Zealand playing Jamaica at 6.30pm and Australia taking on England at 8.30pm for a place in the gold medal match on Day 11 (26 March).

In the first Semi Final at the Multi Purpose Venue, World Champions New Zealand will meet a dangerous Jamaican outfit.

New Zealand finished on top of group one, but will need to be at the top of their game against their Jamaican opponents, who finished second in group two behind Australia on percentage.

Jamaica staged a courageous 10-goal fight back against Australia to draw 54-54 in the Preliminary Rounds, nearly sneaking top spot in Group 2 from the pre-Games favourites.

New Zealand is yet to be pushed in any of its matches and have been impressive in the preliminary rounds.

Goal shooters Irene Van Dyk and Jamaican captain Elaine Davis hold the key for their respective teams, with the shooting accuracy and towering strength of both crucial to their teams’ success.

The match-up in the centre between New Zealand's Temepara George and Jamaica’s Nadine Bryan also promises to be a thrilling dual between two exciting and athletic players.

Both are the driving forces in their line-ups and the outcome of this clash could be a deciding factor in the outcome of the match.

New Zealand clearly deserves to start as the favourite, but Jamaica is capable of causing a major upset, particularly if they can keep their unforced errors to a minimum and remain disciplined for the hour-long encounter.

In the second Semi Final, Manchester 2002 Games gold medallists Australia will take on an England side who have been slowly gathering momentum with each match.

England's defenders Geva Mentor and Sonia Mkoloma will provide a difficult challenge for the Australian shooters, with the battle between Australia’s Captain Sharelle McMahon and Mkoloma likely to be one of the games pivotal contests.

Australia has suffered some lapses in concentration at times, but has always managed to put some brilliant passages of play together during their Preliminary Rounds to get them out of trouble. The Australian team's shooting percentages are also very high with debutante Susan Pratley returning an 89 per cent strike rate.

The Australians will need to apply strong full-court defensive pressure to subdue the speed of England’s mid-court, with Captain Olivia Murphy playing a crucial role in the centre.

Australia's big match experience and superior physical presence should prove too strong for England.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Day 7 of commonwealth netball internaional games

Day 7 of of commonwealth netball internaional games Netball, Thursday March 23

Wales (55) def. Barbados (34)
Fiji (58) def. St Vincent and The Grenadines (44)
Australia (107) def. Singapore (19)
New Zealand (67) def. Malawi (39)
England (67) def. South Africa (35)
Jamaica (60) def. Samoa (47)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

netball australia vs. jamaica!

One of the hottest games of the Netball competition has been played out between Jamaica and Australia.

After an even first half, Australia had a dominant third quarter, extending their lead to 43-34 going into the fourth period.

The Australians continued to dominate in the early stages of the quarter, until Jamaica rallied to stage a brilliant comeback through the accuracy of shooters Elaine Davis and Simone Forbes.

Australia then lost control and the Jamaicans snatched the draw in the final seconds, 54-54 - the third time the two teams have drawn.

Although disappointed with the final score, Australia’s Sharelle McMahon congratulated her opponents on their performance.

"Full credit to Jamaica and also to our girls, we had some beautiful passages of play," she said. "We've got some things to work on but we did some great things too.”

The other day seven games have also been a battle to the end.

Samoa narrowly defeated Barbados, in a match that see-sawed until Samoa picked up its accuracy and defensive pressure.

Samoan goal shooter, Monika Fuimaono struggled to find her range, leaving goal attack Malu Faasavalu to take on most of the shots, keeping Samoa in front at half time, 25-16.

In the third quarter Barbados showed sparks of brilliance, but Samoa kept the upper hand.

In a bruising final quarter Barbados threw everything into their game, as the ever-steady shooting of Lydia Bishop and the inspiring brilliance of dynamic goal attack Latonia Blackman set the crowd alight. Samoa relied heavily on experience and composure to hold off the challengers, who came within three goals of toppling them.

South Africa won a thrilling match against Fiji, despite the lead changing hands at the change of ends.

In the second quarter, goal attack for South Africa, Lizanne Helmand, was in great form with sensational accuracy. The third quarter was also close, with South Africa limiting Fiji’s supply of the ball and both sides shooting 12 goals.

The Fijians came within three goals of the lead in the final quarter, but a composed South Africa saw out the game to finish 56-51.

"I'd just like to thank all the girls in the team for their effort in the last quarter. We fought hard and I love you all," said Fiji’s Matila Waganidrola. "Thanks to the crowd and all the supporters and especially to the Australian Fijians."

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

netball australia yet to come!

Day 6 of Netball, Wednesday March 22

Samoa (45) def. Barbados (41)
South Africa vs. Fiji
Australia vs. Jamaica
New Zealand vs. England

Day 7 of Netball, Thursday March 23

Barbados vs. Wales
Fiji vs. St Vincent and The Grenadines
Singapore vs. Australia
Malawi vs. New Zealand
South Africa vs. England
Samoa vs. Jamaica

netball australia defeats Samoa

Australia (78) Defeat Samoa (47)

By Netball Australia

Australia took the court for their third match of the 2006 Commonwealth Games this afternoon and defeated Samoa 78-47 in captain Sharelle McMahon’s 75th test match for Australia.

Australia started the match strongly, getting the ball into their goal circle with ease and capitalising on the accuracy and partnership of captain Sharelle McMahon and rookie Susan Pratley. Australia’s mid court defence put pressure on the Samoan attacks, making their opponents struggle to get the ball down into their goal third and into the circle to their shooters. The score at the end of the first term was 23 to Australia, 9 to Samoa with Australia shooting at 92 per cent.

GS: Susan Pratley, GA: Sharelle McMahon, WA: Jessica Shynn, C: Natalie von Bertouch, WD: Alison Broadbent, GD: Bianca Chatfield, GK: Susan Fuhrmann

In the second quarter, Samoa brought Monika Fuimaono off the bench and in as Goal Shooter, moving Catherine Latu into Goal Keeper to thwart the Australian dynamic shooter duo. Australia’s speed down court was exceptional at times, keeping the Samoan defence in their wake. The half time score was Australia 46-23.

GS: Susan Pratley, GA: Sharelle McMahon, WA: Jessica Shynn, C: Natalie von Bertouch, WD: Alison Broadbent, GD: Bianca Chatfield, GK: Susan Fuhrmann

The third quarter saw a new attacking line up for Australia with vice-captain Catherine Cox and Megan Dehn coming on in goals and Natalie Avellino in as Wing Attack. The move was an instant success seeing Australia score 11 goals to Samoa’s four in the first seven minutes of the term. Samoa fought back making Australia work hard to get the ball into their shooters and forcing errors from the home team. Samoa’s pressure resulted in Australia only able to put another four goals on the board for the remainder of the term.

GS: Catherine Cox, GA: Megan Dehn, WA: Natalie Avellino, C: Natalie von Bertouch, WD: Alison Broadbent, GD: Bianca Chatfield, GK: Susan Fuhrmann

In the fourth term Australia brought on their final two players, Selina Gilsenan and Janine Ilitch into defence to keep the Samoan’s shooting opportunities to a minimum. Samoa started strongly forcing Australia to turnover the ball. Samoa’s Centre went down with only a few minutes to go with an ankle injury and was assisted off the court. Australia fought hard and put up another five goals before the final whistle was blown.

GS: Catherine Cox, GA: Megan Dehn, WA: Natalie Avellino, C: Natalie von Bertouch, WD: Selina Gilsenan, GD: Janine Ilitch, GK: Bianca Chatfield

Although the scoreboard looked as though it was a convincing win, the early lead Australia put on the board in the first half ensured Samoa was up for a touch ask to catch the current reigning Gold Medallist.

Australia will match up against world number three Jamaica tomorrow at 6.30pm.

commonwealth games, commonwealth games 2006, commonwealth games 06, 2006 commonwealth games, netball commonwealth games, netball australia

The Netball competition began today at the State Netball Centre with England, New Zealand and Jamaica all winning easily.

Early results include the easy defeat of Singapore by Jamaica 67-22, St Vincent and The Grenadines being soundly beaten by New Zealand 98-31, and England defeating Malawi 63-47.

After their match against Malawi, Olivia Murphy of England said that she would like to rotate players more and have everyone out there so that they can get used to the conditions.

New Zealand showed why they are hot favourites to win gold in there match against St Vincent and The Grenadines, throwing five goals before their opposition was able to mount a counter offensive.

New Zealand are current world champions and looking to improve on the silver medal they won in 2002.

Pearline Cahn of Singapore said they were glad to be out there as it had been a long time since being in an international competition, whilst Marion Campbell said after the match that the Jamaicans had played perfectly.

more international netball action, netball australia, netball new zealand

Day 5 of Netball, Tuesday March 21

Today Australia netball, netball australia was back in top action with another win in the commonwealth games! Also, international netball new zealand had a good win over South Africa. It's look it would be netball australia doing it again this year in the commonwealth games, but only time will tell! Exciting action and we cannot wait to see what international netball is going to do!

Malawi (66) def. St. Vincent and the Grenadines (44)
Australia (78) def. Samoa (47)
New Zealand (74) def. South Africa (37)
Wales (45) def. Singapore (36)

scores of the international netball games, international netball teams, netball australia

International netball is heating up in Australia! The international netball is playing in the commonwealth games in Australia, and here is all the scores of the international netball games, international netball teams, netball australia had a day of rest, but netball england had a very strong showing!

Day 4 of Netball, Monday March 20

Malawi (53) def. Fiji (52)
Jamaica (74) def. Wales (21)
England (78) def. St Vincent and The Grenadines (18)
Barbados (51) def. Singapore (40)

Netball, International netball, commonwealth games

Day 3 of Netball, International netball, commonwealth games

Sunday March 19

Australia (70) def. Barbados (27)
South Africa (80) def. St Vincent and The Grenadines (34)
New Zealand (80) def. Fiji (26)
Samoa (49) def. Wales (42)

Day 2 of commonwealth netball games

Day 2 of Netball, Saturday March 18

England (60) def. Fiji (41)
Samoa (76) def. Singapore (33)
Jamaica (69) def. Barbados (30)
Malawi (57) def. South Africa (56)

commonwealth games, commonwealth games 2006, commonwealth games 06, 2006 commonwealth games, netball commonwealth games, netball australia

Day 1 of Netball, Friday March 17

Jamaica (67) def. Singapore (22)
New Zealand (98) def. St Vincent & The Grenadines (31)
England (63) def. Malawi (47)
Australia (78) def. Wales (22)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The official start of the Commonwealth games by the Queen!!

The official start of the Commonwealth games by the Queen! Approximately 80,000 people filled the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) to watch the ceremony and hear Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, declare the Games open.

commonwealth games, commonwealth games 2006, commonwealth games 06, 2006 commonwealth games, netball commonwealth games, netball australia

But with all that said and done. The netball australia, netball commonwealth games, netball games don't start until Friday...I know but just wait and they will be worth the wait trust us!

March 17
1pm-4:30pm Women's Preliminary Games - Jamaica v Singapore, St Vincent & Grenadines v New Zealand (State Netball Hockey Centre)

6:30pm-10pm Women's Preliminary Games - England v Malawi, Wales v Australia (State Netball Hockey Centre)

The Opening Ceremony was watched by more than 100,000 people along banks of the Yarra and in Live Sites. An estimated 1.5 billion people worldwide also tuned in to the start of the event.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Australia netball, netball australia ready for fiery Ferns

Australia ready for fiery Ferns

The Netball court is set for a series of physical battles, with a fired-up New Zealand team aiming for a replay of the 2002 Final – a victory to Australia in sudden death extra-time.

Australian captain, Sharelle McMahon, is leading an inexperienced team which includes only four members of the gold medal-winning side from the Manchester Games.

She says the Australians won’t resort to playing rough, but instead will rely on their quick hand movements and tactical preparations.

“We just want to concentrate on what we are doing, we know that when we are playing at our best we can’t be stopped, we have got very quick ball movement and great ball skills,” McMahon said.

Australian wing defender Selina Gilsenan says the team won’t be intimidated by a physical New Zealand side.

“We definitely want to be strong. We don’t want to be pushed around on the court but we are not going into the Games thinking we need to have to beat them back up as much as they beat us,” Gilsenan declared.

“We will use our skill and try to work it around a bit more, rather than use brute force.”

The New Zealand team - the Silver Ferns - face South Africa, England, Fiji, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Malawi in Pool A.

Australia’s strongest challenge may come from 2002 semi-finalists Jamaica, in a Pool which also includes Samoa, Barbados, Wales and Singapore.

In final preparations, the Australian team is resting goal shooter Catherine Cox, but the full line-up is expected to be in place for their opening match, against Wales at the State Netball and Hockey Centre, 17 March.

Friday, March 10, 2006

commonwealth games, commonwealth games 2006, commonwealth games 06, 2006 commonwealth games, netball commonwealth games, netball australia

commonwealth games, commonwealth games 2006, commonwealth games 06, 2006 commonwealth games, netball commonwealth games, netball australia

Get ready it's coming that's right commonwealth games, commonwealth games 2006, commonwealth games 06, 2006 commonwealth games, netball commonwealth games, netball australia it's all right here!! With only 4 days left until the start of the commonwealth games, commonwealth games 2006, commonwealth games 06, 2006 commonwealth games, netball commonwealth games, netball australia!! We have it all right here. From the start to the finish we have all the great information of all the netball play at the commonwealth games 2006!

All the teams, the host netball australia, netball singpore, netball new zealand. They are all excited ready, and been working hard for these commonwealth games, commonwealth games 2006, commonwealth games 06, 2006 commonwealth games, netball commonwealth games, netball australia

Pool A consists of netball New Zealand, South Africa, England, Fiji, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Malawi.

Pool B consists of netball australia, Jamaica, Samoa, Barbados, Wales and netball Singapore.

Keep right here at http://internationalnetball.blogspot.com to keep you updated and informed on all the commonwealth games, commonwealth games 2006, commonwealth games 06, 2006 commonwealth games, netball commonwealth games, netball australia

Thursday, March 09, 2006

African tiger Malawi faces challenge

The Malawi Commonwealth Games team has left home for Melbourne to acclimatise and commence final preparations for the Games.

The central south-east African team is hoping to add to their tally of three bronze medals won in previous Commonwealth Games.

Malawi is bringing a total of 31 athletes to Melbourne, including strong Netball and Boxing squads, Track and Field athletes, Lawn Bowls, Squash and Table Tennis competitors.

Chairman of the Malawi National Sports Council, Richard Banda, said he was impressed with the training undertaken by the Malawian squad.

“Sprinter Susan Tengatenga is likely to do Malawi proud”, he said.

Head of the Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association of Malawi Technical Commission, Oscar Kanjala, said Malawians should not doubt the possibility of their representatives bringing home medals.

“Netball is a force to reckon with in the region and they have been finishing at good positions in the COSANA (Confederation of Southern African Netball Associations) tournament. Even South Africa knows that there is Malawi!” Kanjala said.

Kanjala said the Malawi national Netball team, which has been grouped against England, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia and South Africa, is in a tough group but “not even a single hope has to be lost”, he said.

“I put Malawi at par with England. We are aware that New Zealand is also a strong team, but I hope Malawi should be able to finish second in the group - but they have the potential to beat everybody,” Kanjala said.

National Netball coach Griffin Saenda agreed with Kanjala on the strength of his team.

“We are ready for the Games and I cannot doubt our good performance. We have been working on the coordination amongst the players, shooting, defence and the mental and physical fitness of the team,” he said.

“Boxing also should give us hope because of the strength and skill of Chimwemwe Chiotcha and Osgood Kayuni and how they are performing. They make a good representation and they are confident,” said Kanjala.

In December last year, Chiotcha defeated renowned boxer Dave Mazinyani in the sixth round during a ten-round non-professional bout staged in Liwonde, a regional centre located in southern Malawi, while Kayuni has scored a number of amateur wins recently.

Malawi’s national Athletics coach, Isaac Phiri, said his athletes - Susan Tengatenga, Lucia Chandamale, Mike Tebulo and Chauncy Master - are also fully geared for the Games.

Tebulo will run in the 5,000m and Tengatenga in the 100 and 200m events on the track.

“We are giving them equal chances of winning especially because they will be running in different categories,” Phiri said.

Two athletes in Lawn Bowls, Bashir Shariff and Zelda Humphreys, and coach Lawrence Arthur, have been preparing for the Games for a long time.

Shariff said that with their good finishing in an African States Tournament in 2003, in which they finished third out of eight countries, and the high standard of facilities in Melbourne, they hope to do well.

The narrow land-locked African republic, shaped by the dramatic Rift Valley, won a Boxing bronze medal on its first appearance in the Commonwealth Games in 1970 and two more Boxing medals in 1986.

Malawi is one of 18 African nations competing in the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Netball at the common

The Commonwealth Games Netball competition will take place at the State Netball and Hockey Centre from 17-24 March, with finals at the Multi-Purpose Venue on 25 and 26 March.

Sports fans across Australia have a new opportunity to access tickets to high profile Games events including Basketball finals, Netball, Athletics, Gymnastics and lower priced category Ceremonies tickets from Sunday 5 March at midday (AEDST).

As ticket orders from other Games allocations are being finalised, Games organisers have released 125,855 additional tickets to the Central Ticket Pool, including those to previously fully subscribed events.

“We are delighted to make available additional tickets to the general public, particularly to a number of sports that had previously been unavailable,” Games CEO John Harnden said.

“These tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis and won’t last long.

“Starting at just $15, this is a great opportunity to be a part of a special celebration.

“We continue to be pleased with interest in the Games from around Australia and look forward to the eyes of the world turning to Melbourne in just 12 days time.”

Additional tickets available in strictly limited numbers from midday Sunday include:

  • Lower priced categories of the spectacular Opening and Closing Ceremonies,
  • The gold medal Rugby 7s playoff on the night of Friday March 17,
  • Finals of the men’s and women’s Basketball on the evenings of March 23 and 24,
  • Lawn Bowls,
  • Finals of Hockey and Squash,
  • 18 sessions of Netball, and
  • Saturday March 25 - the final night of Athletics (including the relay finals) at the redeveloped Melbourne Cricket Ground, as well as Thursday March 23, expected to feature Jana Pittman.

All of these events were previously fully subscribed.

A very limited number of Opening Ceremony tickets will be available from midday Sunday in the lowest priced category of $100.