Monday, April 03, 2006

worker/thrower drill, netball worker/thrower drill



Worker runs to space 1
Worker receives a pass from the Thrower and passes back.
Worker runs to space 2 and repeats until back to starting spot
Worker becomes the Thrower and the next person in the circle becomes the Worker.

*Thrower is to try and pass the ball into the space the worker is running onto.
*Worker is to try and take the pass, not step and give a good pass back to the Thrower.

zone break drill netball

zone break drill

Imagine the star is the defender and the bolt is the attacker.
The object is to have the pair outside the circle STAY outside the circle.
The goalie can then stand at the top of the circle, leaving the area closest to the goal ring empty
Using her/his body, the goalie can set themselves up to receive a chest pass as the defender will be standing behind them zoning OR
Set up for the lob.
For the lob to work the goalie must have herself between the defender and the goal post.
She must hold her ground until the last minute and the pass must be spot on over her head, into the empty space, setting her up for a closer shot
As soon as the lob has been released, the other attacking goalie must run into the circle ready to help.

This all happens very quickly and despite some defenders being switched on, you’d be surprised the number of times I’ve done this as a goalie for the duration of a whole game!

Picture 1 refers to steps 2 – 3.
Picture 2 refers to how the goal circle should be set up and where the pass should be directed – steps 5 – 8.

If we get to step 4 and the only option is to receive a chest pass and still be in the outer of the circle, you need to position your WA and C at the edges of the circle, like the 2 and 5 on a clock. (picture 3). If the person on the circle holds their ground on the edge of the ring, the defenders can only get the ball by committing an offence. Hopefully the umpires are good enough to pick any infringements like contact, off side or obstruction.