Tuesday, August 22, 2006

netball coaching tips, coaching ideas to keeping it fresh

Netball coaching tips to keep things fresh, fun, and fantastic times. These are some things that came up with coaching younger netball teams. These are young netball players that sometimes have a hard time focusing and working hard for long period of times. So here are some coaching tips of getting the most of your players.

1. Make training short and sharp - 1 hour max. but they work hard for that
time...and I mean hard!
2. Vary each session so that sometimes ball work is at the end and tactics
at the start etc.
3. Sometimes just organise a practice match or round robin.
4. Sometimes play a game but I find setting very specific goals for 5 min
segments works well. Set a goal, play for 5 mins - 1min only break to assess
and set the next goal - play another 5mins etc. This can keep players really
focused especially if you set a goal that can be kept score.
5. Try to make all drills into a game of some sort so players don't know
they are learning. Some coaches teach totally through games and structure it
so players are discovering things themselves. This can work very well.

Remember if something has worked very well one week it's unlikely to work
well the next.....keep coming up with different ideas. Coaching certainly
is challenging....but rewarding too.


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