Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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The Netball competition began today at the State Netball Centre with England, New Zealand and Jamaica all winning easily.

Early results include the easy defeat of Singapore by Jamaica 67-22, St Vincent and The Grenadines being soundly beaten by New Zealand 98-31, and England defeating Malawi 63-47.

After their match against Malawi, Olivia Murphy of England said that she would like to rotate players more and have everyone out there so that they can get used to the conditions.

New Zealand showed why they are hot favourites to win gold in there match against St Vincent and The Grenadines, throwing five goals before their opposition was able to mount a counter offensive.

New Zealand are current world champions and looking to improve on the silver medal they won in 2002.

Pearline Cahn of Singapore said they were glad to be out there as it had been a long time since being in an international competition, whilst Marion Campbell said after the match that the Jamaicans had played perfectly.

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