Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Netball court diagram

To go with the blank court diagram, here are a few quick bits.

A Netball court is divided into 3 thirds, with a Goal third at each end & the middle third being called the Centre Third.

The long lines down the side of the court are called the Side Lines, the end lines called the Base Lines & the lines dividing the thirds are called Transverse lines.

The semi-circles at each end are called Goal Circles and is the only area on the court from where a gaol can be scored. There is a post with a ring attached in the middle of the base line at each end and a goal is scored when the ball is shot from the Goal Circle & it passes through the Goal Ring.

In the centre of the court is a circle called appropriately enough, the Centre Circle. From inside the Centre Circle a player starts the game with the ball and passes to someone on their team. this is called the Centre Pass. After a goal is scored, the ball comes back to the Centre Circle for another Centre Pass, with each team taking alternate Centre Passes.

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hye cheears happy haloween holidays yh right im stuck wih my head full of hw ty 4 the help though i love netball but nt homework they dont mix ty x